Spriggs Security & Investigations, Inc. is a National Private Investigation and Security Consulting Firm, Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

We provide Loss Prevention Agents, School Resource Officers, and Executive Protection Specialists to solve your security problems. 

Some of Our Professional Services

Full-Service Security, Investigations, Training and Consulting

- Loss Prevention Agents Investigations
We do much more than just catch shoplifters.  Our agents plan and direct the policies, procedures, and systems to prevent the loss of property and assets.
- Executive Protection Specialists
Trained to be responsible for the safety and security of VIPs, corporate executives, politicians, celebrities, and others who may be facing threats.
- Investigative Services Of All Kinds
We will establish relevant facts to prove or disprove allegations of fraud and corruption.  Investigation is a legally established fact-finding process.
- Risk Management Assessments
An RMA is the first step in developing a comprehensive risk management plan.  The RMA identifies, analyzes, and reports on an organization's risk exposures.
- Building/Property Safety Evaluations
A thorough assessment of potential hazards in and around your building.  Find causes of personal injury, fire or flooding, or safety risks.
- Security Consulting Services
Our employees will analyze your security systems, study potential breaches, and supervise the implementation of recommended solutions.
- Surveillance
Security Services

Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior, activities, or information for the purpose of information gathering, influencing, managing, or directing.  
- Crisis Management Plans & Training
A CMP outlines how to respond to a situation that could negatively affect an organization's profitability, reputation, or ability to operate.
- Building/Property Security Evaluations
Periodic exercises that test your building's security preparedness.  Checks for vulnerabilities, plus recommending steps to lower the risk.  

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Meet Our Awesome Team of Experienced & Trusted Security Professionals  
Michael Spriggs

 President / CEO

Ryan Visconti

 Office Manager
Some information about our history and corporate development:  
Spriggs Security& Investigations, Inc. began in California in 1992.  Michael S. Spriggs believed that the firm would prosper only if he delivered prompt, high quality security and investigative services, demonstrably better than competing providers of like services.

Recognizing the increased need for a firm to provide the highest caliber of security, investigations and protection of persons and property, we are able to offer you the highest caliber and most thoroughly qualified professionals available to the private sector. We have an extensive background in business, law enforcement, and military fields.
In 1998, Spriggs Security & Investigations, Inc. was founded and incorporated in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas office was 
established to meet the growing needs of clients that were expanding in the fastest growing city in the United States and throughout the country.
Today Las Vegas remains our corporate headquarters and main base of operations.  The Las Vegas airport offers flights throughout the United States, and connects to all International destinations.  This makes our Executive Team available to any of our clients when needed.  We also have additional offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami. 

Spriggs Security & Investigations, Inc. subsidiary, National Educational Security Team, provides School Resource Officers to many private college preparatory schools. Spriggs Security & Investigations, Inc. has satellite offices in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

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The dark blue states are the locations that Spriggs Security & Investigations, Inc. operates in: 

Where we do not have a physical office location we arrange to work through partners to offer our services.

Arizona Private Investigator Lic#: 1641678
Arizona Private Patrolman Lic#: 1641431

California Private Investigator Lic#: 16609
California Private Patrolman Lic# 14600

Florida Lic#s: A2500440/B1100120/C2600054

Nevada Private Patrolman/Private Investigator Lic#: 1052

Texas Guard Company/Investigation Company Lic#: C14149
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We are continually hiring for positions through-out the United States and Canada.  If you would like us to keep your resume on file, please email it to spriggsinc@cox.net and list the State and City you are interested in Employment.

If you are interested in employment with Spriggs Security & Investigations, Inc. please e-mail us a completed application below and a resume/CV. When you e-mail your application and resume/CV we also require you to submit a current color photograph of yourself in a black suit, white dress shirt, conservative colored neck tie, black belt, and black polished dress shoes. In the e-mail please also note which state you are looking for employment. Interested candidates must have a current work card as required by state law. We will keep your resume on file for any future openings that may occur.
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